C.J. Drive®

C.J. Drive®


C.J. Drive® is a custom-built, proprietary, online ordering and management tool for marketing materials, corporate stationery, printed collateral and a whole range of customized promotional materials.

 It is streamlined access to the printed or produced items that bear your name and message and drive your business where you want it to go, saving time and money.

C.J. Drive® allows you to customize common marketing materials – from Point of Sale items like Posters, Banners and Table-Tents to corporate brochures, letterhead and business cards – with text, images and logos, allowing your staff to quickly and easily procure head-office approved creative online, 24 hours a day. Add this to our efficient digital print solutions and you can have completely customized / regionalized material in the hands of the employees that need it within 48 hours.

The best part is they can only customize the areas you’ve designated: For example, they might be able to add their own portrait and  contact information to a sales sheet, but they can’t change the colours, fonts or revise the copy unless you’ve allowed them to, locking  down your corporate messaging. Plus, with C.J.’s high standards of print-quality you never have to worry about inconsistencies in  stock or corporate colours that often occur when materials are printed at different suppliers across the country.