Custom Engineered Solutions

Modern Web Technologies

Our talented team of in-house developers have a proven track record of implementing cost effective web applications and solutions to improve your business processes. From custom content management systems for keeping your website up to date, to full social media campaigns, we bring years of experience and a wealth of ideas to the table to help you streamline your online operations and remove headaches from your day to day workflows.

We are a Linux / Apache / MySQL / Php based development team (with a lot of jQuery, Ajax and JSON thrown in) and particularly partial to WordPress for building user friendly content management systems.websites

As a general mission objective, we strive to bring about the functionality our clients require while remaining as compliant as possible to W3C Standards. W3C is an open standard that creates guidelines for web compliance. These standards are implemented on one side by Website Developers and the other by Browser developers to ensure that the same formats and functions apply.  By working within W3C standards where possible, we help maintain fidelity in the user experience across different hardware and software platforms.

All current major web browsers (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome and Safari) work further towards W3C compliance with each release of their software.  Mobile devices, which often use a derivation of Chrome or Safari, similarly work towards the same standard.  To function most uniformly, we thus build and test sites with the W3C standards in mind.

More information about W3C can be found on the World Wide Web Consortium’s website, here: