Personalized Marketing

Personalized URLs (pURLS)

Each of your customers and potential customers is unique, with different needs and wants. So why are you sending them all to the same webpage?


C.J. Interactive can generate personalized URLs (pURLs) for each person or company you are communicating with, letting you present different ideas, promotions and offers to each one. Each pURL incorporates the intended recipient’s name or company name directly into the web address – – which is a great way to spark additional interest in Direct Mail campaigns, playing on the natural curiosity to investigate a web address that features the recipient’s own name.

pURLs let you tailor your marketing messages to the individual level, leveraging prior contacts, purchases and other data from your CRM or sales tracking systems to provide a customized web experience for each of your clients. Demonstrate to your clients that you care about their individual needs by offering things that are directly relevant to them!


Personalized Print (Variable Data Print)

Color management in print production

Print what matters to people. Make your message relevant to the individual and stand out in a sea of mass-marketing-messages.

C.J. works closely with our Digital Print division to merge client databases with fantastic design files for customized one to one marketing projects.